NPM & Poetry Friday More Poems of Hope

We are well past the halfway mark of National Poetry Month. I’ve missed a few days this week, so in an effort to post a poem for every letter this month, I’m doubling up today with poems for O and P. They were both inspired by Buffy Silverman’s post about nocturnes and aubades. As Buffy points out in her post, “the forms do not have any prescribed meter or rhyme scheme.” Also like Buffy, I’m not sure these follow the guidelines exactly, but I enjoyed the process.

O is for Hope



As dawn’s glow
spills over 
the world’s brim,
a great horned owl,
well-sated after a
night spent hunting
mice and voles,
is ready to sleep,
her good night
to the world.

Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2023

P is for Hope



One warm afternoon in March,
a chorus of peeps bursts 
forth from a woodland pond. 

Peepers, waking from
their long winter nap,
flood the deepening 
shadows with their joyous song.

Their celebration continues
long into the night,
heralding the arrival of spring.

Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2023

Please be sure to visit Karen Edmisten’s blog for the Poetry Friday Roundup.

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13 thoughts on “NPM & Poetry Friday More Poems of Hope

  1. We don’t have spring peepers in Colorado so I’ve only head them a few times in my life, a wonderful experience to me! And I’ve had more experiences out camping with owls. Love both your poems, Catherine, nature’s beauty in two images!

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  3. This is such a great project, Catherine. Your description of the setting for the owl – dawn spilling over the world’s brim – is perfect. And those peepers! I heard them at Highlights this week.

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