Poetry Friday: Halloween Frighting

Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Georgia Heard are two of my poetry idols. I have shared their poetry with my students since I began teaching. More recently, I’ve been fortunate to learn from them at workshops and conferences. One silver lining to everything being moved online this year is that I was able to be part of “The Craft and Heart of Poetry,” their amazing Highlights workshop.

This draft is the result of a quickwrite Georgia and Rebecca shared during the workshop. It isn’t perfect, but I had fun writing it. Thank you, Rebecca and Georgia, for your never-ending inspiration!

Halloween Frighting

Ghosts ghouling
Zombies drooling

Vampires slurping
Mummies lurching

Ogres crunching
Trolls munching 

Witches hocusing 
Goblins pocusing

Skeletons rattling
Demons battling

Werewolves chomping            
Frankensteins stomping  

Orange moon lighting
Halloween frighting

Draft © Catherine Flynn, 2020

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Poetry Friday: “Song”

by Seamus Heaney

A rowan like a lipsticked girl.
Between the by-road and the main road
Alder trees at a wet and dripping distance
Stand off among the rushes.

There are the mud-flowers of dialect
And the immortelles of perfect pitch
And that moment when the bird sings very close
To the music of what happens.

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Poetry Friday: Hop To It!

Today is my birthday, and it’s a BIG one. There are many ways this birthday will not be normal, so I am excited to be celebrating the publication of HOP TO IT: Poems to Get You Moving instead. Hop to It is the latest anthology from the dynamic duo of Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell.

I am thrilled and honored to have my poem, “Mental Floss,” included with the work of so many stellar poets. Thank you, Janet & Sylvia, for your tireless efforts to bring poetry into the lives of so many!

I also love that fellow October birthday girl and poet extraordinaire Marilyn Singer’s Feel the Beat is the suggested companion piece to my poem.

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Poetry Friday: Attempting a Duplex

The Sunday Night Swaggers are back with another monthly challenge. This month, Margaret Simon challenged us to write a duplex, a form created by Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Jericho Brown.

Challenge is the keyword here. I really struggled with this poem. I struggled to come up with a topic, then struggled to keep the poem from becoming too dark. I also didn’t exactly follow the rules, but I know I wrote with the spirit of the rules in mind. That has to count for something, right?

The facts are hard to dismiss;
We’re at the edge of a vast abyss.

At the edge of this abyss, can we ignore
Tons of plastic littering our shores?

Plastic-lined shores still sparkle and shine
But they are a beacon of nature’s decline

Nature’s decline is our fault alone.
Is it too late for us to atone?

Before it’s too late to atone for our greed
Let’s join together, plant the seeds

Plant seeds for the future, seeds of hope
We must stop our slide down this slippery slope

Stopping this slide is a goal we can’t miss
These are facts that we cannot dismiss.

© Draft, Catherine Flynn, 2020

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