NPM: C is for Hope

C is for Hope



each spring woolly bear
caterpillars creep out from
under logs and leaves,
their winter hideaways,
ready to spin a bristly 
cocoon, transforming themselves

into creatures of the night
sporting creamy spotted wings:
isabella tiger moths

Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2023

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19 thoughts on “NPM: C is for Hope

  1. Let’s hear it for those ugly wooly bears and the lovely moths they make. Your poems draw me in to notice nature and all its boundless hope.

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  2. Thank you for teaching me what wooly bear caterpillars become. Why hadn’t I wondered that? Now I know. Someday I hope to see an isabella tiger moth!

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  3. Beauty and the eye… goes on in amazing ways. There is hope for change and giving the next year a chance, all of which I thought about after your poem about our wooly bear friends. I love your project, Catherine. Focus on hope. So important. I am working with a friend on some motivational speaking. He fought his way back from a serious injury and one of the take aways: there is always hope. And if the plan is not working, change the plan but keep the goal. So another way this resonates for me. So many need these messages right now.

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