Poetry Friday/National Poetry Month: H is for …

Happy National Poetry Month! Spring is not completely sprung here in western Connecticut, but the Weather Channel assures me it’s coming. I’ve been preoccupied with many responsibilities over the past few months, which left me with very little time or energy to devote to writing. But while I was brainstorming ideas for our Read Across America celebration, I came across a reference to Q is for Duck, by Mary Elting and Michael Folsom. One thought led to another and my idea for NPM was hatched.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a difficult time wading through what seems to be an endless stream of bad news. It hasn’t been good for me and I’m working very hard to tune out much of the negativity. With this in mind, I decided to use Q is for Duck as a model and, during April, write short poems about different things that are hopeful. I may switch things up from time to time and use Natalie Babbitt’s The Search for Delicious format (Delicious is…). Right now I’m keeping my options open.

Although it’s Saturday, I’m sticking with the etheree I wrote for the Poetry Sister’s March Poetry Friday challenge as an introduction to my NPM project. Happy April, everyone!

am done
with despair.
Instead, I’ll kneel
in the softening
Earth, roused from winter’s deep
slumber by sun’s strong rays and 
thirst-slaking showers; revel in
violets and clover, listen in
as robins chirp a melody of hope.

Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2023

Photo by Trac Vu on Unsplash

Please be sure to visit Mary Lee Hahn at A(nother) Year of Reading for the Poetry Friday Roundup and other NPM news.

29 thoughts on “Poetry Friday/National Poetry Month: H is for …

  1. Ah, those birds offer such a continual stream of hope, don’t they? Such generous beings. Your etheree is just beautiful, Catherine, from the initial despair to the deliberate turning toward hope. I love that your NPM project is tuned to the frequency of hope. I, for one, will definitely be tuning in!

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  2. Beautiful, Catherine. I like your idea so much about the hopeful poems. Down here in CT’s sw corner, I am waiting for spring too; luckily the birds know the season & I’ve been able to get out & see some of the early arrivals. The ospreys are back on some of the nests nearby!

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  3. Your post is like a poetry Rx. I need this. Thank you, Catherine. I’m not even going to worry about writing this spring break week. I’m just going to be…and do only things that spark joy!

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  4. The birds lighten me up, too, Catherine. I like your idea, will be like a hug every day. Thanks for reminding me about Q is for Duck, a good memory!

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  5. Sorry I missed this earlier, Catherine. It’s a a fun way to go with serious implications for HOPE along the way. I’m reading the WaPo article you mentioned with great interest! I hope you feel well this week!

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  6. Sorry I missed this earlier, Catherine. This is a fun challenge and also a serious effort at regaining hope. I’m reading the WaPo article you mentioned with great interest. I’ll let you know my Hopeful Score!

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  7. Catherine, I don’t know Q is for Duck but I love your idea about poems for hope and maybe deliciousness. I, too, want to kneel in the soft earth and revel in violets. I await the publication of your poems. Have you ever thought of a chapbook by any chance? Poetry rules, poetry ennobles, poetry heals. Your poem has power and it stands alone. Lovely.

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