Poetry Friday: Bundles of Down

This year, our school has a single teacher for elementary science. He coordinates with classroom teachers, and has his own room where instruction takes place. For the past week or so, he has been incubating chicken eggs. The incubating process wasn’t too interesting, but all that changed when the eggs began to hatch. Everyone in the building has been visiting the newly hatched chicks. Of course I wrote a poem about them.

Bundles of damp down
Tumble into the world,
Cheeping and chirping.
Chicks rise, stumble
On brand new legs,
Spindly and pink.
They wobble back
And forth,
Unfold tiny wings
Then fall flat,
Worn out with effort.
They rest,
gather strength,
Then rise again,
Pause, find their
Transformed into
Puffs of smoky down,
They scurry forward,
Ready to greet
the world.

© Catherine Flynn, 2019

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11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Bundles of Down

  1. Chicks are a delight to watch. How lucky you are to have them at school! Your word choice is spot-on in this poem and I could totally envision those tumbling, bumbling cuties!

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  2. There’s much to learn from their example:
    “They rest,
    gather strength,
    Then rise again,
    Pause, find their
    I would love to visit your newly hatched chicks.

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  3. What fun for your students! I had the same thoughts as Ramona as I read your delightfully descriptive poem: much to learn from the persistence of these babies.

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  4. We did this one year & when they hatched, I had the students take time to hold them, then sketch, then write. They are so darling. I love your poem, a kind of welcome to the world: “Puffs of smoky down,” is perfect.

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  5. awwwwwwww…..I just want to be there watching the kids fall in love with baby chicks. You have painted a lovely, wonderful picture of a beautiful moment. Happy birthday to the birds with their tiny wings, and pink spindly legs…and gathered strength.

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