Poetry Friday: Instructions For a Bookcase

Last weekend I went to an estate sale and bought this bookcase for $10. What a deal, right? I didn’t even think twice. It clearly needed a little TLC, and as soon as I got it home, I got to work. As I was sanding, I realized a bookcase was the perfect topic for this month’s ditty challenge from Elizabeth Steinglass over at Michelle Barnes’s blog. My new bookcase needs another coat of paint before it will be ready to follow these instructions, but I know it will carry them out beautifully.


Instructions for a Bookcase

Stand up straight.
Keep your shelves long and strong;
Don’t let them sag!
Hold each book in a gentle hug,
Protect covers from fading,
Prevent dust from settling on pages,
Preserve words, ideas, stories.
Welcome every reader;
Generously share your treasures.

© Catherine Flynn, 2019

Almost ready for books!

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11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Instructions For a Bookcase

  1. You’re right! This is perfect….I love how the book case has been transformed with your TLC. I did giggle a bit at “don’t sag” (some us can’t help it–lol!). But, hold each book in a gentle hug is lovely. Well done.

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  2. It makes me smile to thing about all the new treasures your new book case will enjoy holding and hugging in the days to come. And all the happy readers too! 🙂 Wonderful job with your instruction poem, Catherine. Thank you for posting it today!

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  3. I’m looking at all of our bookcases a little differently now! They are so patient. So over-stuffed. Holders of so much knowledge, story, emotion, and personal (reading/life) history…

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  4. Aww–that’s a sweet one. Like others, I like your exhortation to stay strong:
    Keep your shelves long and strong;
    Don’t let them sag!
    Hold each book in a gentle hug,

    It does take strength to hold up all that information, all those stories. And nice refinishing work–a job I would never undertake!

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