Poetry Friday: A Poetry-Filled Weekend

Last weekend, I kept pinching myself to make sure I was awake and not in a blissful poetry dream. I was indeed awake and sitting at a table with Georgia Heard, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Janet Wong, and several other amazing poets. Oh, did I mention this table was at Poet’s House in New York City? And that there was a stunning view of the Hudson River right outside the window? It’s all true, but I still have to keep pinching myself.

I can’t begin to share all the wisdom and advice that Rebecca, Georgia, and Janet shared, but here are a few pointers I found helpful and inspiring:

  • Let the image be your guide
  • Your memory is a poet-in-residence in your mind
  • Find wonder in everything you look at
  • Write about what takes your breath away

We drafted many poems. Most of mine aren’t ready to share, but this almost-haiku, inspired by the empty playground in Rockefeller Park, makes me happy.

on a rain-splashed day
puddles tromp through the playground
for their turn on the slide

© Catherine Flynn, 2019

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17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Poetry-Filled Weekend

  1. I am totally envious of the fact you sat with Georgia Heard, Rebecca Dotlich and Janet Wong at a place called Poet’s House.In NYC! I love, and have written down, what you learned from them. I also have to say, your haiku made me smile– the capturing of that moment in Rockefeller Park that you are able to send on to others like a photograph of words. Made me smile for the image and the wording. Still hoping you are working on your own poetry book from which we can all find inspiration.

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  2. Love that fun image of the puddles on the slide. Some wonderful poetic advice. Like others I am envious. Such a nurturing group of leaders.

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  3. It is wonderful you got to go to Poet’s House with Georgia, Rebecca, & Janet. I saw the pictures you & others posted, remember our own fun time together. This image of puddle jumping BY the puddles is terrific, Catherine. Happy Mother’s Day!

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  4. Oh, I had so hoped to be there. Lucky you and a dream team for sure! Plus a wonderful group of poets. Any chance you are coming to Highlights in the fall? I am planning to but there are a couple of family things that might get in the way. I love your Haiku in process, but it does show us a great picture. And I see a child in boots peeking around the corner waiting to come in a splash away!! Thanks for sharing some of the insight. I find I can’t always write fast enough at these things, but it surely pushes one to give your best go, that’s for sure. And at the Poet’s House, I mean I hope they do it again and I can go.

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  5. Catherine, dreams do come true. Your experience at Poet’s House sounds so memorable. I did so want to attend but we had to visit my 90-year-old uncle who broke his neck in October and it still has not healed. Your haiku reminds me of the one Sydell Rosenberg wrote about the rain. We have been having quite a few rain-splashed days. Your poems brings back memories of a playground in Virginia that our family went to with our granddaughter. The rain-splashed slide did not seem to bother her at all. Best of luck with your poetry drafting stage. I look forward to polished poems.

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  6. Oh my! How incredible to be with all three of those amazing poets and teachers. I love the idea of puddles taking turns on the slide. Just fabulous!

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  7. tromping puddles…what a perfect personification. So happy for your poetry retreat time. So happy that you shared with us!

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  8. I was eyeing that workshop, wishing I could go and study with Janet, Rebecca, and Georgia. Somewhere in midtown NY, there’s a playground with a robot-shaped slide. I’m imagining your puddles playing there.

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