Poetry Friday: The Cycle Continues

The days are beginning to lengthen, but the gloom of this Covid Christmas is hard to ignore. As always, I turn to favorite authors and nature to escape. This week, on her re-christened website, The Marginalia, (formerly Brainpickings) Maria Papova shared excerpts and insights from Antonio Damasio’s book, Feeling and Knowing: Making Minds Conscious. Papova’s essay delves into Damasio’s fascinating theories about the interplay between consciousness and feelings. I was struck by this quote:

What is more impressive than the entire universe is life, as matter and process,
life as inspirer of thinking and creation.
Antonio Damasio

I decided that the last few words made a good strike line for a Golden Shovel to ring in the new year.

Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2021

I wish you all peace, health, and joy and many opportunities to celebrate the vibrant hum of creation in the coming year. Please be sure to visit Carol at Carol’s Corner for the final Poetry Friday Roundup of 2021.

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Cycle Continues

  1. Wonderful post, Catherine. I so enjoy how a golden shovel opens a conversation with another poet as you have shown here. “The vibrant hum,” indeed. This poem gives me peace at a time when I’ve allowed the pandemic to creep into my thoughts and intimidate me. Thank you for the steady confidence of nature…of life.

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  2. Out in nature we can see there is so much more, yet we are a part of this world, even if for such a short time. How to use the gifts we are given is a question so worth pondering. Thank you for a lovely post, Catherine and Happiest of New year to you and yours.

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