Poetry Friday: Trying a Tricube

It’s the first Friday of the month, so it’s time for another Inkling challenge. This month, Molly challenged us to “Pick a poetry form you’ve been wanting to try and haven’t, and dive in!  Here are a few that I’ve been wanting to play around with:: Clogyrnach and Rondelet (thanks and thanks, Alan!), and Tricube (thanks, Matt!), and Magic 9 , Feel free to choose any form you’d like., or more than one.. No pressure. Just play!”

I decided to play with a Tricube. This form sounds straightforward: three stanzas with three lines, each line with three syllables. As Matt mentioned in his original post, though, the trick is getting “what you’re trying to say in that tiny space!”

After many false starts and playing with many different ideas, this is what I came up with.

How to Write a Poem

Gather thoughts.
Collect words.
Write them down.

Count, count, count.
Read aloud.

Read again.
Share your heart.

Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2021

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12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Trying a Tricube

  1. Well done! I tried several tricubes, and even though short forms are usually my jam, I couldn’t get mine past the Hallmark stage. You picked the perfect topic!!

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  2. I love how truthful this poem is; trying out words to make them fit is a challenge. I love the last line. Sharing our heart is the ultimate goal of every poem.

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  3. I love your tricube, Catherine. You really got it!!! I think it is wonderful. This reminds me in a way of Laura Purdie Salas’s 15 Wol poetry because it really made me work to get the heart across is a concise but meaningful way. (And I was often truly impressed by the other poet’s work there!) So I am thinking I should give tricube a hearty try this month. Thank you, Catherine.

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