News From the Natural World: Dear Venus

Today’s poem is an epistolary poem, a poem in the form of a letter. Finding topics for poems this month has never been a problem, but I seem to get bogged down in what form the poems should take. The more I played with my ideas about Venus, which has been putting on quite a show this month, it became clear that this poem should be a little love note to the evening star.

Dear Venus,

Every evening, when the sky is clear,
I scan the western sky
searching for your blazing light.
You’re never hard to find,
outshining every star.

I take each worry from my day,
seal it in a bubble,
then send them off to you.
Your murky clouds swallow
Them up, one by one,
without complaint.

Back on earth, I stand
beneath your dazzling glow
and feel lighter.

Thank you.


A friend

Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2020

Evening sky, 3/27/12, by nanamori / CC BY ( via Wikimedia Commons

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16 thoughts on “News From the Natural World: Dear Venus

  1. Catherine! I love this…and I immediately thought of the photo that I saw on twitter yesterday with all these planets in alignment. What a delight to read to the end of your poem and see the photo. Well done.

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  2. I’m on the search for forms, too, Catherine, so I love this for the idea, plus how loving you’ve written to Venus. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her, sad to write, but past memories help. I also like the ideas of wrapping up the worries in a bubble & sending them off, far away!


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