News From the Natural World: Listen

This story from NPR’s All Things Considered inspired today’s haiku.

commotion is paused
the din of the world has stopped
bird song fills the air

Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2020

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16 thoughts on “News From the Natural World: Listen

  1. Nice haiku. I’m finding your postings really a great way to start the day. This one reminds me that the current situation is like 9-11 in that there are no planes overhead–it is VERY quiet outside. Spooky!
    Alice Horning

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  2. It’s fascinating that the slow down/ shut down has caused birds to sing or…are people just now more aware of what was already there? I am spending much more time outside watching and listening.

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  3. I just finished watching how other animals, too, are moving into places that people have abandoned, even whales swimming in shipping lanes. I live in a city neighborhood with lots of trees but still I hear traffic, especially from the previously busy streets during rush hour. No more! Bird song seems louder, but we are still not in full spring yet. Lovely that you used “commotion”, not gone.

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