Poetry Friday: My Library

I have been visiting the library in my town for over 54 years! My weekly visits began when I was in Kindergarten and lasted until I left home for college. Several years later, I moved back to the town where I grew up and began bringing my own children to Story Hour. Now I’m honored to serve on the Board of Trustees, which is truly a labor of love.

A major renovation to the Children’s library was recently completed, and we’ll soon be celebrating with a ribbon cutting ceremony. What would a library celebration be without a poem? We invited the children at the elementary school next door to write a “My Library” acrostic. Once we have all the poems, we’re going to choose lines to create a crowdsourced poem, similar to Kwame Alexander and NPR’s “Where I’m From” project. To give the kids a springboard, I wrote my own version. The kid’s poems aren’t finished yet, but here’s my version of “My Library.”

My Library

Magical books for
Young readers to share.

Long-ago tales
Invite readers to dream.
Books about planets,
Rhinos, and more
Await curious minds.
Ready when you are,
Your imagination’s the limit!

© Catherine Flynn, 2019

Mrs. Rothschild reading to my class during our weekly visit to the library, circa 1969. I’m pretty sure I’m the second back from the left on the bench in the foreground.

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16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: My Library

  1. This picture is priceless — as are libraries! I loved reading about your long history with the library and your continued ties. I also love your poem. Acrostics can be tricky and this one reads so naturally –and fits the occasion perfectly! I hope you’ll share your final crowdsourced product. What fun!


  2. Catherine, libraries are the best and I am so glad that you have decided to serve your community with such a prestigious position. Your project is going to be a wonderful contribution to your community so thanks for sharing your poem to kick it off. Your imagination’s the limit!- I love the photo.


  3. A wonderful project and a wonderful mentor poem, Catherine. I hope we’ll get to read some of the kids’ poems when they’re done, in addition to the crowdsourced poem. And BTW, I had you pegged in the photo before I even read which one was you! 🙂


  4. Your library project sounds wonderful Catherine. I’ll be looking forward to reading about the final results. I don’t envy you choosing what lines to include! I don’t even remember what my library looked like when I was a child. I only remember my school library. How thankful I was for it!


  5. Soooooo cool that you have that photo! So amazed that you have time to be on your local library BoT!!
    So excited to see what the acrostics will bring!!! So amused by “planets and rhinos and more”!!!!


  6. I love that you are still in your hometown and supporting the library on the board. We have a wonderful library program in our town, but I’ve never gotten involved. This is going to be a great project. What a way to get poetry involved with kids and the library.


  7. I love that you have such a long history with your library. The crowd-sourced poem is a perfect way to celebrate the new children’s area. We’ve moved several times, and the library is one of the first places I explore.


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