Poetry Friday: Poemtober/Inktober

Kudos to everyone who have been keeping up with the Poemtober/Inktober words! Your poems have all been impressive. My efforts haven’t been too successful. Last weekend, though, the word ash bumped into this tweet from Robert Macfarlane, author of The Lost Words.

Ash venation = this draft

When leaves are burned and turn to ash
their venation disappears
just like the whorls on your fingertips
have disappeared from the world.
Fingertips that will never again
crimp a pie crust,
knit a sweater,
stroke the hair of a sobbing girl.

But your heart,
now turned to ash,
still beats
in the hearts
of those you loved.

Draft © Catherine Flynn, 2019


Congratulations Karen Eastlund!
You are the winner of Thanku: Poems of Gratitude!

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10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Poemtober/Inktober

  1. I’m feeling the loss of and the echoes-in-my-heart of my mom. I dreamed of her last night. There’s so much I wish I could talk to her about…

    Thank you for your poem.


  2. You jumped in with a whopper, Catherine. This poem is imagery seasoned with sadness and hope, a wonderful combination.


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