Sweet Treats

A friend alerted me the first “Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy” over at Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez’s blog, Math is Everywhere. As this is a theme at school this year, I was curious. This is an ambitious project. There are thirteen images to inspire any type of writing, “whatever suits your fancy for any kidlit age: board book through young adult.” The only limit is a maximum length of 200 words.

Many of the images are lovely autumn scenes, others lean distinctly toward a Halloween theme. There were several that intrigued me, but this is the image that I ended up writing about.

Even though it wasn’t a requirement, I wanted to stick with “Math is Everywhere,” so I wrote a fib poem. (I added a second stanza that counts back down to one syllable.)

Sweet Treats

worms of
spun sugar,
dyed confetti hues,
fill my sack for just a moment,

then wiggle through the white stalactites and stalagmites

standing guard in the cave of my
mouth, inching toward
a hollow

Β© Catherine Flynn, 2019

You can visit the official submission page to read all the entries here. Thank you, Kaitlyn, for this fun challenge!

13 thoughts on “Sweet Treats

  1. Before I even read your entry, I have to say, THANK YOU, this fib looks so fun, my jaw dropped, for real. I’m like THIS IS THE BEST THING EVERRRR! (Just like Anna in Frozen says it). Ok, off to read your entry, but I just had to tell you how I adored the fib you shared and are about to use😍 made my night (and that’s big; it was not a pretty day, so extra thank you!)


  2. Ohhhhmyyyygooooodness! This IS AMAZING!!!!!!😍😍 I love ALL the words, I tried to pick my favorite and then kept choosing another, but I have to say the use of stalactites and stalagmites was perfect and shocking, love it. Thanks for blowing my mind twice tonight, can you be my new favorite friend?


  3. […] Kaitlyn says, “Catherine Flynn blew my mind! Not once but TWICE! First, by telling me about the coolest new phenomenon that’s the most gorgeous blend of writing and math (my two favorite things) and then by creating a brilliant poem of this type with a great story arc AND phenomenal word choices. Thank you for introducing me to “The Fib” and for blowing my mind with your poem, too!” If you haven’t read Catherine’s piece yet, check it out here. […]

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  4. OMG, You wrote a lovely poem the words are filled with incredible imagery. How did I miss that there is Fibonacci poetry? I am going to have to try this. I LOVE Fibonacci!

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