Poetry Friday & A Slice of Life 19: Soup


I’m a recipe follower. Before I got married, I told my mother I wasn’t moving out unless I got a Betty Crocker cookbook so I’d have the recipe for apple pie. After many years of trying new recipes, though, I learned to be a little more flexible about improvising when I cook. In fact, when it comes to chicken soup, I just start tossing ingredients into the pot. So when my poetry pal and critique group partner, Linda Mitchell, suggested writing about soup, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. This poem, which is basically how I make chicken soup these days, is still a very rough draft.


In a pot as blue as the sky,
a poem simmers.
Corn kernels
become a hundred tiny suns.
Carrots and potatoes
are the warm, rich earth
while parsley and rosemary
are fresh and green and fragrant.
Chunks of chicken add
more earth and sunshine.
bubbling up as if from a spring,
mixes and melds
with salt,
with pepper,
with love
sating my soul.

© Catherine Flynn, 2019

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11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & A Slice of Life 19: Soup

  1. I’m having a hard time keeping up with February poetry prompts, especially reading the comments which often get hidden. So I am glad you posted this poem here. I love how you compare the ingredients of soup to those of a poem.

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  2. Oh, how alive this poem is…alive with color and texture and imagery. It’s wonderful. Thanks for posting this poem here. I want a recipe that says, One Hundred Suns Soup!

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  3. And your poem tastes even richer the second time around, though good soup usually improves in flavor by the second day. I’m with you Catherine, once we have the basics we can improvise a bit, thanks!

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