Poetry Friday: Finding a Poem

Last night I was at a total loss about what to share today. For some reason, I remembered this post by Irene Latham about using Google Arts & Culture as a source for images for her annual Artspeak! poetry project. When I opened the site, these stunning images greeted me.

These are all pieces of glass, but this image in particular reminded me of malachite.

Stained glass fragment, 13th century, via The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I wanted to confirm what I thought I knew about this stunning green mineral, so I Googled it and this image popped up.

Which led to this poem:

He pressed a polished malachite heart
into my hand;
whispered, “to match your eyes,”
then hurried off to Mrs. King’s calculus class.

No one noticed
as I sprouted gossamer wings
and floated

the stratosphere.

© Catherine Flynn, 2018

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11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Finding a Poem

  1. Oh, I adore this poem! It does have the ring of truth–and such a sweet one. Thanks so much for sharing the process you went through to get there. I imagine I won’t be the only one checking out Google Arts and Culture and hoping I strike an inspiration jackpot as well. Lovely!

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