Poetry Friday: Pheasant Haiku

Two surprises arrived last week: an early snow storm and a ring-necked pheasant. We have never seen a pheasant in our yard, so his presence was quite thrilling. His sudden appearance was explained when I found out that a local landowner had stocked his property with 100 birds. This is a common practice in our area, and these gorgeous birds may have wandered onto our property in the past, but I was too busy to notice.

dressed for dinner
a pheasant feasts on seeds
scattered on snow

© Catherine Flynn, 2018

I hope you all had a joyous Thanksgiving feast. I am forever grateful for this generous, nurturing community of poets. Thank you for all your friendship and support! Please be sure to visit Irene Latham, one of the kindest people I know, at Live Your Poem, for the Poetry Friday Roundup!

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Pheasant Haiku

  1. How excited to have a pheasant come to call! I love your line “dressed for dinner.” I have my fingers crossed that evening grosbeaks will visit us –they are present in large numbers this year but to date, they haven’t made an appearance at our feeders. Here’s wishing you many more delightful surprises through this holiday season and into the new year!

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  2. Dressed for dinner! I love that. And love, too, that this was a moment you were able to witness and share with all of us. (We see so much wildlife at our new home… one stunning recurring thought I have is that this/they have been here all that time we lived in the suburbs and weren’t here to notice… it’s kind of a humbling thought and makes me aware of the preciousness of how we choose to spend our moments.) Thank you! xo

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  3. I saw your picture earlier & it must have been a wonderful surprise. Now your “dressed for dinner” is an equal surprise, Catherine, perhaps a double-meaning? Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Thank you!

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