Poetry Friday: Song of the Tree Frogs

“Song of the Tree Frogs”
by David L. Harrison

At the edge of night
the sun pulls down
its soothing shade
and peepers creeping
from leafy covers
tune up to sing.

Who will start
this evening’s song
with fluted notes
that serenade the night?

Someone begins,
the same song
his ancestors sang,
and the forest fills
with an urgent chorus.

Read the rest here.

A recent visitor to my sister’s screen house.

Please be sure to visit my dear friend Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche for the Poetry Friday Roundup and to wish her a happy birthday!

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Song of the Tree Frogs

  1. Sometimes a tree frog will end up attached to a window or wall of my house. They sit so calm and quiet, but I know that they can make an incredible sound. Thanks for sharing this new to me poem.

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  2. I love the chorus of the tree frogs! I was just in Ohio, visiting my Dad, and spent a lot of time sitting on the porch listening to their symphony. What a great soundtrack for our visit! Thanks for sharing this delightful poem.

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  3. I heard “peepers” for the first time with students in the Poconos, surely I heard them while growing up in Missouri, but don’t remember. I’m going back next week, will see if the tree frogs are there since David lives in Missouri. I like the connection to the past.

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  4. The “peepers” can be so loud…not just peeping! When my son was about 3, he thought we said “creatures” and was scared to open the windows at night. Took a while to convince him they weren’t after him!

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  5. I love the last line about high honor being a tree frog singing the solo others will follow. This is such a great poem that can be understood and enjoyed by a vast span of ages. Recently, we were “in the country” and my son was talking about the “ducks” while we were sitting by the campfire. I finally figured out that he is so citified…..that he thought the peepers and bullfrogs were ducks! Oh, my. So, now he knows what frogs sound like. I must share this poem with him as we are still joking about it.

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