DigiLit Sunday: Asparagus: A Digital Poem

When Margaret posted this week’s Digilit Sunday topic, Digital Poetry, I felt a sense of relief. The past few weeks have been pretty hectic and I just didn’t have the time to devote to the topics Margaret had suggested. But Spring Break began on Friday and I finally felt that I could stop and take a breath.

The spark for this poem came from “Autumn’s Way” by Charles Ghigna. I took the first line,

“In their yellow-most goings,”

and reworked it for spring. Thinking about how to narrow down the greening of spring, for some unknown reason, I settled on asparagus.

With the help of this video the poem itself came together pretty easily  As I thought about the digital element of this poem, I wanted to challenge myself and create something that conveyed a sense of movement. I have limited experience with iMovie, but I thought it might create the effect I wanted.

I scoured the web for royalty-free images of growing asparagus. (NOT an easy feat!) While I was doing this, a memory of “Simple Gifts” popped into my head, and I knew that tune would be the perfect soundtrack.

With all the elements collected, I set out to create this movie. After about four hours of trial and error, I have a 24 second video! As with any work, I feel this still has room for improvement. So I offer you the latest digital draft of my poem, “Asparagus.”

In the greening days of April,
stalks of asparagus
raise their heads
after slumbering deep
in the earth.
Stretching into
the air’s bright warmth,
growing taller,
they sway to and fro,
like a troupe of modern dancers
welcoming spring.

© Catherine Flynn, 2017

6 thoughts on “DigiLit Sunday: Asparagus: A Digital Poem

  1. Catherine, how wonderful to create such a great combination. Of course, the experience took a long time but look at the results. “like a troupe of modern dancers” caught my eye as the video captured your poem.


  2. This is so lovely. I love the simple gifts tune with the springing of asparagus. I’m so proud of your 24 seconds. I hope there were some moments of creative flow during your 4 hours.


  3. Wow – 4 hours!! Those 24 seconds are beautiful, though. I, like Carol, enjoyed “they sway to and fro/like a troupe of modern dancers”. So happy spring is here, and you helped us slow down and enjoy it.


  4. Absolutely gorgeous. I admire your steadfast nature. Not only to find the just right word, but the just right picture, the just right music. The results are simply beautiful.


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