Slice of Life: National Puppy Day


Did you know today is National Puppy Day? Puppies, like most baby animals are hard to resist.

It was really windy on Monday!
It was really windy on Monday!

I spent the weekend in Virginia with my son, his wife and their new puppy, Louie. Louie is a rescue puppy and his exact origins are unknown. But it doesn’t really matter what kind of dog he is, because as soon as you look at his sweet face, you fall in love.

Louie with his proud parents.
Louie with his proud parents.

Even when I’m away from home, I’m an early riser. I like the peace of the hours while the rest of the house is asleep to read and write and think. Once Louie woke up Sunday morning, there wasn’t much quiet. I took him outside, then we curled up on the couch so he’d go back to sleep.

This brought back so many memories of my babies not wanting to go to sleep. Memories of rocking and singing to them for what seemed like hours, and the feeling of relief when their head finally started to nod. Then the inevitable resistance, their head snapping back to attention, their eyes widening in surprise, only to droop again. Finally the heaviness of their body in my arms as they relaxed into sleep and melted into my embrace. Their breathing softens. They are asleep. And then, there’s a noise. The eyes fly open and you start over again. But this time it doesn’t take as long for them to be lulled back to dreamland.

I’m glad my boys are grown, and that I don’t have a puppy to care for every day. But I loved visiting Brian and Jackie, meeting Louie, and remembering those long-ago nights and our bedtime rituals.

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8 thoughts on “Slice of Life: National Puppy Day

  1. I remember those long-ago days with my babies nodding off in my arms. And you’re right, there’s a moment when you know they just fell asleep. I like your words: “Finally the heaviness of their body in my arms as they relaxed into sleep and melted into my embrace. Their breathing softens. They are asleep.” Sweet memories, indeed.


  2. As I read your post, my dog is snoring next to me. I’m glad he’s not a puppy anymore. They are so much work, as are babies, but it’s fun to have a grandpuppy to play with.

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  3. I did not know it was National Puppy Day until I saw it on Facebook. We have kitties, but I have had dogs and puppies…and what fun they are. We are going to be taking care of a puppy this week, so are preparing for an active few days….maybe the little guy will spend more time sleeping than chewing. 🙂

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  4. Such a sweet slice of life. I can relate to the joy of visiting with your grown baby, and being reminded of a time when that baby was small. Your second paragraph took me back to those days as well. Thank you for sharing.

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