Slice of Life: Lists


I spent some time this morning making lists of everything I have to do at work this week, appointments to make for spring break and more. So I thought I’d just keep making lists. I pulled out Lisa Nola’s Listography: Your Life in Lists (Chronicle Books, 2007). Skimming through the pages, I began to wonder if I’d even be able to settle on a list. Then I saw Nathaniel Russell’s illustration of the brew kettles at the “Legendary Pabst Beer Factory” on the list for “Places You’d Like to Visit.” As it happens, I’ve been to the Pabst Beer Factory in Milwaukee.IMG_1727

As for other places I’d like to visit, here are my dream vacation destinations:

  1. Florence, Italy. I’ve wanted to visit Florence ever since reading Brunelleschi’s Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture by Ross King.
  2. Alaska
  3. Montana & Glacier National Park
  4. London
  5. Scotland
  6. Ireland
  7. anywhere in Europe, really

What’s your dream vacation destination?

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8 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Lists

  1. Your list search intrigued me. I don’t know the book you referenced, but it sounds like one I should find. As for my dream vacation, I would like to spend a summer renting a house in Provence. At the moment though, I am in Japan– a dream of a vacation because I am visiting with my son!

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  2. Oh, Alaska! I did that several years ago and it was a beautiful trip. The key to doing it right is exploring on land and then going on a cruise. You really get to see it all that way.

    I want to go so many places: Australia, Scandanavia, Japan, Fiji… The list goes on and on.

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  3. I’m always torn between revisiting favorite places and going someplace new. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot over the past year so I’m looking forward to a staycation in April. 🙂

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