Poetry Friday: Snowpiaries



According to the calendar we still have a week of autumn, but winter has definitely arrived! We had snow for Thanksgiving, and it seems like it’s snowed every day this week. Here are two poems inspired by the recent weather.


After the blizzard,

hydrangeas blanketed in white:


Children sledding, Heiloo, Netherlands, via picc.it


Giggling, laughing,

Come on, let’s go!

Sliding, gliding,

Through the snow.

Skidding, crashing,

Watch out! Oh, no!

Tumbling, crumbling,

into a heap.

Brushing, rushing,

up we leap.

Giggling, laughing,

Come on, let’s go!

© Catherine Flynn, 2014

Thank you to Paul, for hosting Poetry Friday. Be sure to visit him at These Four Corners for the round up.

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Snowpiaries

  1. We don’t get snow down here in the south of the south, but your poems make me want to grab a sled and take to the slopes. My students wrote snowy poems after Robert Frost that came out a bit pensive. Was it the snow or Frost that set that tone?


  2. Snow is certainly on people’s minds today! Love the energy in your poems (and the humor! “Snowpiaries” is delightful!)


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