A Poem for Autumn

Back in September, the lovely Carol Varsalona created a “Summer Serenity” Gallery, a gorgeous collection of summer poems and photographs. Soon afterwards, Carol, who I was lucky enough to meet at NCTE, announced a “Finding Fall” gallery. Autumn is my favorite season, so I thought writing a poem about its beauty would be pretty straightforward. Alas, I have been scribbling notes and ideas for the better part of two months, but a poem has eluded me. Since winter is almost here, I knew it was time to sit down and “just do it!”

DSCN0025 2

Leaf Globe

I’d like to capture autumn’s glow

inside a globe of glass,

where leaves of red and gold

swirl like confetti in the breeze.

Beneath the fiery trees,

a multicolored carpet,

crackles and rustles

as chipmunks dash and scurry,

gathering nuts and acorns

for their secret cache.

A globe that I can gaze at

on snowy afternoons,

remembering these golden days,

which drift away too soon.

© Catherine Flynn, 2014

Thank you, Carol, for being such an inspiration!

One thought on “A Poem for Autumn

  1. Catherine, I am honored that you mentioned me in your post and delighted that the words for your Finding Fall poem finally were captured in an array of bright, multi-colored hues. I really like your idea of having it all stored when fall passes us by. Thanks for being a supportive Twitter and now F2F friend.


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