Poetry Friday: Whispers


The third week of school is coming to an end. Routines are falling into place, schedules have been ironed out, and most of the tears have dried up. Throughout these hectic weeks, it’s been challenging for me to get my act together at home and find time for writing. I’ve been jotting notes like mad, and keep telling myself that I’ll have time today, I’ll get up early…. You know how that goes!

This Myra Cohn Livingston poem captures the feeling I’ve had as thoughts and ideas keep whispering to me.



tickle through you ear

telling things you like to hear.


are as soft as skin

letting little worlds curl in.


come so they can blow

secrets others never know.

This would be a perfect poem to share with young writers as they also settle into the routine of writing every day and learn to keep their eyes and ears open for ideas waiting to be put into words.

Be sure to visit Renee at No Water River for today’s Poetry Friday Round Up.

9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Whispers

  1. I LOVE your Friday poems! Thank you so much for finding them and sharing. I’m hearing those whispers too with so many “little worlds” spinning around me as well as within. What a beautiful way to consider them.


  2. I’m having a hard time holding onto my morning writing time and missing long afternoons spent revising and re-revising. Like you, I have lots of notes and very rough drafts, and a desire for more!


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