Searching for a Slice


All day, I’ve been searching for a slice to share.

My search began as I stood at the kitchen sink this morning,

slicing plump, juicy strawberries to stir into my yogurt.

I thought I’d found one when, walking to my car, I glanced up

and saw flock of birds wheeling and diving, their wings

flecks of gold in the morning sun.

But no. They flew away.

At work, possibilities crossed my path at lightning speed.

Third grade lesson— Edgar Badger’s Balloon Day.

Fourth grade read aloud—Three Good Deeds

Concepts of Print assessment—“Show me the word was.

On into the afternoon, ideas came and went.

I despaired of ever finding one.

Then, driving home from Open House,

weary from this long day,

I rounded a corner, and there before me

hung the full moon.

Suddenly I saw the ordinary events of my day

as pearls on a string, luminous in the moon’s glow.

I’d been building my slice all day.

I just couldn’t see it until I had the right light.

Thank you, as always, to StaceyTaraDanaBetsyAnna, and Beth for hosting Slice of Life each Tuesday. Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers to read more Slice of Life posts.

6 thoughts on “Searching for a Slice

  1. I love the flow. There is a calmness and ritual within; it has a meditative quality, which is nice and works well with a slice of life. As I sit in the early a.m. and do my yoga before the day gets really rolling–glad to hear someone else is at the kitchen sink because it always feels like I’m alone there–I try to bring that intention of calmness and peace into my classroom and my day. I’m not very good with recycling…LOL, but I love this poem. There’s something so beautiful and simple that we overcomplicate outside of the classroom. Your poem encapsulates so much heart.


  2. Such an exquisite slice! I love this roundup of ordinary events from your day made “luminous in the moon’s glow.” You had me from those first plump juicy strawberries, to the flecks of gold, all the way through your weariness after open house, and then the full moon that illuminated all the moments you shared with us.


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