Poetry Friday: Apple Blossom


“Find something you love, and write a poem to celebrate it.”  X.J. Kennedy

Blossoms 3 by Liz West, via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Usually at this time of year, the apple trees in my yard are loaded with blossoms. This picture was taken in 2010:

My yard, as seen from my office window.

Because of the cold weather this spring and damage to the trees during Hurricane Sandy, they are still bare.

I love these apple trees and the masses of blossoms they produce each year. We don’t harvest the apples; they’re small and bitter.  The neighborhood deer, however, have quite a feast in October! I look forward each year to their beauty and promise.  I’m waiting patiently for them to bloom, but in the meantime, I followed Kennedy’s advice and wrote a tanka to celebrate something I love.

soft rosy petals

cover tree branches like snow

gossamer petals

dance in a soft gentle breeze

delicious promise of fruit

© Catherine Flynn, 2013

Be sure to stop by Live Your Poem for the round up of poems. Thank you to Irene Latham for hosting today!

4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Apple Blossom

  1. Catherine,
    I love that “delicious promise of fruit.” And now with all the challenges this year — the cold and the storms — that deliciousness is even more of a promise than usual, it seems. May the promises be fulfilled soon!


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