Poem in Your Pocket Day!


Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day. This celebration of poetry began in 2003 in New York City. The American Academy of Poets and other organizations have been promoting this day nationally since 2008. The idea is simple. Keep a poem in you pocket, then share it with others throughout the day.

My school is closed for spring break this week, so we will have our own Poem in Your Pocket day next week. But I couldn’t let the day go by without sharing a poem. Here is one of my favorites.


For someone to read a poem

again, and again, and then,

having lifted it from page

to brain–the easy part–

cradle it on the longer trek

from brain all the way to heart.

by Linda Sue Park


(from Tap Dancing on the Roof: Sijo Poems, illustrated by Istvan Banyai, Clarion Books, 2007)

Keep a poem in you pocket today; keep poetry in your heart every day.

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