Poetry Friday: Wordy Thirty

I’ve loved word games since I was a kid. My grandmother introduced me to word find puzzles when I was probably in 3rd or 4th grade. They seemed like treasure hunts to me. Eventually, crossword puzzles usurped word finds (although I would never scorn them), and Scrabble was admitted to my list of favorite games. But for some reason, I’m very late to the Wordle craze. I didn’t start playing until 19 days ago. Why start playing now? Because Mary Lee challenged the Inklings to write a Wordy 30 for our October challenge! According to Mary Lee, “a Wordy 30 is a poem using exactly 30 letters. Each line should have the same number of letters. Each line should use one word. You might have 6 lines with 5 letters in each line (like Wordle), or 5 x 6, 3 x 10, 10 x 3, 15 x 2, 2 x 15, 30 x 1, or (most unlikely) 1 x 30. Have…fun???”

Don’t you love those question marks? Playing Wordle is fun. Writing poetry is fun (mostly). Writing a Wordy 30? Not so much.

For my first attempts, I stuck to five letter words. It was challenging to find six words with the right letter count that worked together in a meaningful way. Talk about a treasure hunt! After a few false starts, I decided this draft wasn’t terrible.


But I didn’t love it. Then, last weekend, as I worked on my latest knitting project, inspiration struck. Realizing I didn’t have to use five letter words, I came up with this:


Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2022

Easter warmth I knit for Hazel

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Then be sure to visit Sarah Grace Tuttle for the Poetry Friday Roundup. Do try your hand at Wordle, if you haven’t already. You never know; it just might inspire a poem or two!

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Wordy Thirty

  1. Hi Catherine! I have been away too much. I try to read and catch up but I know I miss way too much poetic gold. I love your knitting poem. “needles weave warmth”…. you came up with a good one. I have never played Wordle. If I had extra time I’d be reading PF posts to catch up. That sweater is darling. Your sweet grandgirl is so lucky. With your guidance here, I might attempt a Wordy 30 poem. Thanks, Mary Lee.

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  2. Perfect! “needle weaves warmth”. I finished a crochet blanket for my youngest daughter’s baby coming in December. A just right poem to go with it.

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  3. Catherine, I love your knitting poem! And, the juxtaposition of the sweater next to a nest had me applying the same poem to a bird weaving a nest as well, with a beak for a needle (or maybe with pine needles). Lovely imagery all around! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  4. Catherine, your little grandgirl is a lucky one to have such a beautiful sweater knitted by you. This sweater looks like it belong in one of those posh children boutiques. Your Wordy 30 fits just right as the sweater must have for Easter.

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  5. One of the things I love about form poetry–or any poem challenge–is the way you have to think sideways or inside out to get to the “answer.” You don’t solve the challenge a certain way, like in Wordle, but you solve it in some way when you get that “click,” like of needles knitting bunny warmth. Beautiful!

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  6. This is wonderful, Catherine, and I would like to repeat what Mary Lee said and would like to claim I said it first. It would be a lie, but still, that’s what I would like! lol I adore “needles weave warmth” and that sweater is unbelievably cute. Great response to the prompt!

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