Poetry Friday: The Roundup is Here!

Welcome to the Poetry Friday Roundup! (Find our more about Poetry Friday in this post by Renée LaTulippe here.)

Tuesday was the last day of school in my district, and I’ll be honest, I’m exhausted! The good news is that I’ve had two days to rest and relax and get ready to welcome you here today!

For the past two years, our school did not chose a single individual as teacher of the year. Rather, we were all celebrated for our efforts to keep school as normal as possible for our students. This year, one teacher was recognized each week and we were asked to share a reflection about teaching with our colleagues. Two weeks ago, it was my turn to share my thoughts. Of course I had to write a poem.

I love writing abecedarians and decided that The ABCs of Teaching would be the best form to organize my reflections about all I’ve learned about teaching children over the past 27 years.

The ABCs of Teaching

Ask questions and
Build knowledge.
Cultivate curiosity.
Develop relationships.
Encourage children to explore and
Find their
Gifts. Grow their
Infuse this
Journey with joy,
Love and laughter.
Make learning meaningful.
Nurture strengths.
Open hearts to
Quiet doubts and fears.
Read, read, read!
Sing praises, build
Trust, treasure each moment.
Unlock mysteries,
Validate and celebrate success.
Wonder what’s next.
eXpect miracles. Stay
Young and never lose your
Zeal for children!

Draft © Catherine Flynn, 2022

I hope you all have a relaxing, safe, and healthy summer!

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28 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Roundup is Here!

  1. Congratulations for finishing. I am in touch with former colleagues and so admire each of you in the extreme challenges these recent years. Whew! The poem is awesome, Catherine, an ABC of teaching. I love “Grow their hearts” & the first, important to me, ‘ask questions’! Happy Summer to you and thanks for hosting!

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  2. Catherine, your poem is ideal for the occasion, the times, and possesses an uplifting and positive tone. It presents as gift of affirmation for you and colleagues. Your ending is particularly strong. As the Beatles once sang, ‘Switch off, relax and float down stream.’ Enjoy your summer rejuvenation.

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  3. Good Morning, dear Catherine. Your ability to make abecedarians is amazing. I just want to say, AMEN! “Find their gifts/Grow their Hearts” is one of my WHYs. Thank you for this. It’s a keeper.

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  4. I love your poem. I once had to write my classroom philosophy for a creativity class in my gifted masters program. I chose to paint it and many of the images I included are reflected here in your poem. I’d like to print it and share it with colleagues. Is that OK? Thanks for hosting.

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  5. I tried to choose a favorite line from your abecedarian and I couldn’t because they are all important! Congrats on the successful conclusion of the school year! Thanks for hosting 🙂

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  6. I love abecedarians, and you’re right — it was the perfect form within which to celebrate all the best about teaching! Like others, I can’t pick a favorite line!! Thanks for hosting us, and for being an inspirational teacher from A-Z!

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  7. Thanks for this – I haven’t done an abcedarian poem in ages, and since I’m going to fiddle with acrostics next, I’ll keep this on the back burner. Thanks for hosting today!

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  8. Catherine, Thanks for hosting! I love your acrostic on the ABCs of teaching – especially this part,
    Infuse this
    Journey with joy,
    Love and laughter.
    You inspired me to try this form again…about my move today. I last wrote an acrostic at Christmas time and love playing with the words and finding just the right ones!

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  9. What a perfect poem for the end of the year, but even better to celebrate your colleagues and your journey through these last years of COVID and your many years in the profession. Thank you for sharing so many profound observations.
    And thank you for hosting!

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  10. Catherine, I posted my poem Thursday night and never added it to the link-up. And that’s the kind of week it’s been! I love your abecedarian poem. There’s so much more to teaching than just imparting information. That’s the least of it, and your poem explores all the rest of it–the stuff that grows learners and good humans and gives them a safe haven. Happy summer–you are definitely a teacher of the year to me! Thanks for hosting.

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