National Poetry Month: Wander

In Rooted, Lyanda Lynn Haupt recommends wandering. She writes, “Wandering brings mind and movement into a healing congruity.” (p. 64) Wandering is something we could all use more of.

This poem began as an acrostic of wander. Technically, it still is, but like most writing, it had a mind of its own and wandered off in another direction.

Wake to whispering trees
Awash in the surging green of
Nascent leaves and petals, still
Dappled with last night’s rain,
Eager to burst open and host
Robin’s reveille

The robin in charge
of reveille in my yard

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6 thoughts on “National Poetry Month: Wander

  1. “Reveille” is such a perfect word for Robin’s predawn singing. (Although, when I started to type it, I came up with revile, which is how I FEEL about that reveille at times!!)

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