Poetry Friday: Chasing Rainbows

One of my favorite collections to share with children is Elaine Magliaro‘s Things To Do (Chronicle Books, 2017). Magliaro imagines all sorts of animals, familiar elements of nature (sun, rain, sky), and everyday objects like erasers and scissors. Writing a “things to do” poem is a great way to get children looking at familiar sights in new ways. This can also stretch their vocabulary, as they strive to find that just right word to describe an image.

I was recently inspired to write a few “things to do” poems myself. This is one of my favorites (although the last line still needs work.)

Draft, © Catherine Flynn, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Chasing Rainbows

  1. Oh, those “healing hearts” make me swoon here. We carry those rainbows with us, don’t we. Love the voice here and the colors and shape too! I adore that book too. Happy Poetry Friday! xo

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  2. Simply beautiful…and gentle and colorful and so wonderfully rainbow-y. Like Susan, this poem with it’s backbend across the sky makes me smile.

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  3. Catherine, your poem has great images! I love it! These lines especially spoke to me “backbend across the sky”, “Spark squeals of delight”, and “Hover as an afterimage in healing hearts.” Your poem brought me joy: thank you for sharing and your inspiration! THINGS TO DO is one of my favorites, too.

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  4. This is wonderful! I love how you’ve used the words on the page to reflect the content of the poem. Thanks for sharing this – you’ve inspired me to try a “Things to do” poem myself!

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