Poetry Friday: Rabbit Holes & Eggs

A few weeks ago I wrote about finding a short article by Jane Yolen about her correspondence with Nancy Willard. That led me to seek out more of Willard’s poetry, which led me to A Nancy Willard Reader, which led me to this magical poem by Linda Pastan.

The Egg

In this kingdom
the sun never sets;
under the pale oval
of the sky
there seems no way in
or out,
and though there is a sea here
there is no tide.

Read the rest of the poem here.

Photo by Hanna Balan via Unsplash

The Poetry Friday Roundup is happening at Poetry For Children. Please visit Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong as they lay out a veritable smorgasbord of poetry to help celebrate their latest anthology, Things We Eat.

7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Rabbit Holes & Eggs

  1. Goodness, I LOVE this poem, that galaxy…I mean, really, is there anything more wondrous than an egg? I just read a book about egg smuggling and what motivates the people who steal endangered bird eggs from nests and sell them on the black market. Absolutely fascinating. xo

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  2. Linda Pastan is a favorite poet of mine. She has such an artistic way of entering poems. I love this eerie feeling to the idea of an egg, in a barn, a whole world on its own. So much story in so few words. WOW

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  3. Remember how we were talking about reading encyclopedias and following the cross-references to new articles in new volumes? Thank you for taking us on this loop-de-loop through poets and their work–love the angels, eggs and everything in between!

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