The Poetry Friday Roundup is Here!

Welcome to the Poetry Friday Roundup! (Find our more about Poetry Friday in this post by Renée LaTulippe here.) I’m happy to welcome you all on this first day of one of the loveliest months. As Anne declares, in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” It’s also time for another Inkling challenge. This month Mary Lee challenged the Inklings to

Explain a poetry term (simile, metaphor, allegory, allusion, etc) in a poem that makes use of that term. OR tell how to write a poetry form (ode, elegy, sonnet, limerick, etc) in that form.

As usual, I wrestled with choosing a topic/form for most of the month. Finally, I decided to write an abecedarian, a poem in which the first line begins with the letter A and the following lines begin with each successive letter of the alphabet. Although it can be tricky to get everything to make sense, these these poems are fun to write. Also as usual, my poem doesn’t follow Mary Lee’s instructions exactly, but I enjoyed the process. Because it’s a most magical month, and poetry is its own kind of magic, I tried to include as many magical words as I could without things feeling forced.

Poetry Primer–An Abecedarian

Assemble ingredients: feelings, ideas, words. Let them
Bubble and steep in the
Cauldron of your mind. Cultivate curiosity.      
Delve deeply into subjects. Keep your
Eyes open for easily overlooked 
Features, subtle details,  
Gifts from the world for you to discover. 
Hear the heartbeat of your poem.
Infuse each line with rhythm,
Jazzy words, quiet words,
Kernels of hard-won wisdom.
Magic happens when we grow quiet.
Nature’s secrets whisper,
Open before us, like light 
Passing through a prism, 
Sing a celebratory incantation that
Transports us,
Uncovers, through
Verses luminous with 
Wonder and memory, a place where we
Yūgen, that elegant mystery, that elusive
Zone we’re constantly seeking.

Draft © 2021, Catherine Flynn

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

Please be sure to visit my fellow Inklings to read their responses to Mary Lee’s challenge. Then leave your link and enjoy a bounty of poetry!

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32 thoughts on “The Poetry Friday Roundup is Here!

  1. Catherine, this poem is exquisite. “Feel the heartbeat of your poem” is such a lovely line among all the lovely lines. This reads so smoothly. Not one forced or squeezed-into-a-tight-space word to be found. I adore that “listen” has it’s own line followed by magic. This is a poem that needs to be given to your grandchildren as a gift.

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  2. What a gorgeous poem about writing poetry, and the power of poetry in our lives. You absolutely knocked XYZ out of the ballpark (the trickiest part, right?), but my favorite letters are LMNOPQR. Thanks for hosting!!

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  3. Wow, Catherine! You are an abecedarian master. I love how your verse so naturally incorporates all that magical imagery and language. I also appreciate how you made the challenge work for you in such a beautiful way. Thanks for hosting this week!

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  4. Thanks for this terrific poem, Catherine. I love the suggestions to let ideas:
    Bubble and steep in the
    Cauldron of your mind. Cultivate curiosity.
    And I was also struck by the line:
    Magic happens when we grow quiet.

    Funny, I knew nothing of the Inkling Challenge, but the poem I share in my PF post fits the bill–it’s a Snowball poem that describes how to write one. (Did Mary Lee have a post announcing the challenge? If so, I missed it.) I wonder–is there a name for a poem that defines the form it’s written in? I think there should be.
    Anyway, my post will go live in a few hours, when Friday arrives here. Thanks so much for hosting the roundup!

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  5. Gosh, Chaterine. This is fabulous. What I love is that you teach us about writing poetry without drawing attention to the abecedarian form at all. I do not think I would have noticed had you not mentioned this is an abecedarian, and to me, that’s the best kind of natural. I also enjoyed the surprise of alliteration. Thank you for this and for hosting today’s roundup. Happy fall! xo, Amy

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  6. Thank you, Catherine, for hosting Poetry Friday. f really enjoyed your poem today that holds some interesting thoughts, especially the line of ending letters of the alphabet. You even taught me a new-to-me concept, Yugen. It is a place to reach.

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  7. How delightful, how skillful, Catherine! I enjoyed how many reasons to write a poem you managed to squeeze in, elegantly, and I love “kernels of hard-won wisdom” plus learning about Yugen…an idea brand new to me. Most satisfactory!

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  8. “Magic happens when we grow quiet.” I love this line as it describes exactly what happens every day with my students when we write together. I will be showing them this form and your wonderful model. Thanks for hosting today and inspiring more magic.

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  9. I really like thinking of the ways that my experience of making (and also reading) poetry is like light passing through a prism. Also, Yugen! How cool to find a perfect Y word! Thanks for hosting us, Catherine.

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  10. Catherine,
    Wow! Beautiful ABCdarian poem! I love these poem gifts. Thank you.
    “Hear the heartbeat of your poem…
    Magic happens when we grow quiet…”
    And the new Japanese word Yugen is perfect.

    Thank you for rounding up our links here today.

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  11. I’ll join everyone else with writing WOW! You’ve written a beautiful and inspiring poem, full of juicy imaginative and, in some cases, mystical words! I will have to try this form. I can imagine writing it with students, as well! Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting Poetry Friday today!

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  12. Catherine, thanks for hosting. I always enjoy my stops by your blog. There were so many lines to love in your poem. I thought I’d bring a few of my favorites together….

    Cultivate curiosity.
    Hear the heartbeat of your poem.
    Magic happens when we grow quiet.

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  13. This is wonderful! I love these lines
    Magic happens when we grow quiet.”

    and the fact that they fall right in the middle of the poem, after we’ve built up some momentum reading, the one words makes us pause, so we can listen.

    Thanks for hosting today!

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  14. Thanks so much for hosting! I finally made it to everyone’s posts, and now back to yours, and your wonderful abecedarian. A bounty this week! Ruth,

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