Poetry Friday: A Skinny

One day a few weeks ago, this fine specimen was hanging out on my car. He was quite content and spent most of the morning resting from his night of feasting. I felt guilty about moving him to a nearby bush when I had to go to the grocery store! I was inspired by this master of disguise, so I did a little research. I always called this a stick bug, but here in Connecticut, its proper name is northern walkingstick. What better form to use for a poem about this skinny bug than a skinny? This form was invented by Truth Thomas in 2005 at the Tony Medina Poetry Workshop at Howard University.


Twig-like bug:
twig-like bug.

Draft © Catherine Flynn, 2021

Please be sure to visit Denise Krebs, hosting all the way from Bahrain, for the Poetry Friday Roundup.

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Skinny

  1. Yes, like Kat said, perfect repeating word for a slender subject and a slender poem. What an amazing stance he has taken right there on your car. I wonder if he felt exposed? I’m sure the bush was a safer and more promising experience for him. I like also how you taught us several interesting facts about him in so few words.

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  2. Catherine, I love your skinny poem and I love walkingsticks! I love repeating slender and twig-like bug. When our girls were young we were fascinated by the walkingsticks on our trees and leaves! I haven’t seen them in many years, though. You are a good observer. Aren’t they amazing? I have to look for them again. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  3. Oh, it’s wonderful. My granddaughter Imi is always on the lookout for these magical insects. I will share with her, Catherine. You’re lucky it was on the car, easier to spot!

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