Poetry Friday: Plentitude

Several months ago, I suggested that when my critique group partners and I resumed our monthly challenges we write “In One Word” poems. This form was created by April Halprin Wayland and you can read about it here.

I’ve been tinkering with ideas for this poem all summer. After playing with several potential words, I stumbled across the word “plentitude.” This word appealed to me for several reasons, including the fact that it seemed be contrary to the current state of our country. I’m not thrilled with this very drafty draft, but perfection isn’t the goal of these challenges.

Pick up a pen.
Write the secrets of your heart. Let
your truths flow, set down in
ink for all to know. Don’t dilute
the facts. Everyone is entitled
to tell their story, sing their tune.

So let’s lean in, tilt
our heads, lend
our ears, and listen to each line
with an open heart. Tend
and nurture one another, unite
and celebrate our plentitude.

Draft © Catherine Flynn, 2020

Photo by Marco Secchi on Unsplash

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13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Plentitude

  1. Don’t you just love discovering what words lie within another word? I find it fascinating that “dilute” , “unite” and “entitled” are all nestled within plenitude. Your first line “Pick up a pen” is a great invitation into your poem and your continued use of subtle alliteration throughout is lovely. “…listen to each line/with an open heart” is such a timely reminder. It does seem as if we’re all so eager to tell our own stories, opinions, etc, that we’ve forgotten to do this. Thanks for a fun challenge, Catherine!

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  2. None of us are short on self-criticism this month. I’m happy we have each other to lean on and write with. Thanks for your invitation to write and celebrate the plentitude. I need to be reminded, especially after the week I’ve had.

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  3. I love In One Word poems! The way the One Word surprises you with its offerings, and then the way the poem seems to put itself together. Plentitude. I think your response is WAY more positive than my whiney “I’ve had enough” letter to candy corn! (lol)

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  4. I haven’t thought about this word in a long time, Catherine, remember a long-ago sermon about blessings – ‘plentitude’, now here you are calling for everyone to share their stories, “don’t dilute the facts”. It feels like we should paste this on our walls & remember for us & to invite others to share, too.

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  5. Catherine, your everlasting positivity is like a field of sunflowers spreading deep into the horizon–and your plenitude poem captures your essence. Yes! Let’s lean in and listen to the whole truths, and see how all the little black seeds press together to make a wise eye fringed by honey lashes! (Returning the favor of a PF Comment poem, I hope!) ❤

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  6. The one word poem challenge has had its rewards this weekend. I have read such interesting versions and yours is one of them. Plentitude is a word to savor as I clean out my closets. I realize that I have more than is necessary but so grateful to think in that way as I donate many items that are in excellent condition to those who are in need.
    My life may be “untied”
    right now and in “need”
    of being “tuned”
    but I too, shall celebrate “plentitude.
    Thanks, for letting me try out using some of plentitude’s words, Catherine.

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  7. THat’s lovely, Catherine. “Everyone is entitled
    to tell their story, sing their tune.” I think I believe that, though my own faith in that falters when I encounter so many people whose views are so different from mine. There are a LOT of people in our country right now whom I would dearly love to shut up. Maybe I don’t value individual opinions as much as I want to? That’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I know it’s worth thinking about.

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