Poetry Friday: A Queen Anne’s Lace Etheree

In July, the Poetry Sisters challenged one another and all Poetry Friday participants to write etherees. As Tricia Stohr-Hunt explained on her blog,

An etheree is a poem of ten lines in which each line contains one more syllable than the last. Beginning with one syllable and ending with ten, this unrhymed form is named for its creator, 20th century American poet Etheree Taylor Armstrong.

I’ve never tried to write an etheree, but the mathematical progression appealed to me. But what to write about?

Our house is surrounded by hay fields. At this time of year, each one is a glorious patch of wild flowers and grasses, birds, bees, and butterflies that deserve a poem that celebrates their beauty.

Queen Anne’s Lace Etheree

Anne’s lace
fills summer
fields, clusters of
lacy white haloes
soaking up bright sunshine,
hosting bees and butterflies–
a serve-yourself, all-day buffet,
soon to be transformed into silage,
live up to its other name: cow parsley.

Draft © Catherine Flynn, 2020

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12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Queen Anne’s Lace Etheree

  1. Cow’s parsley? I didn’t know that one. Ha! I love this flower…how pretty it is yet, it’s tough! Try to run through a patch barefoot and those stalks will get stuck between your toes! This is a lovely etheree…especially that turn at the end.

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  2. “Lacy white haloes” we do not see here in the South. I love that the lovely wildflower becomes food for the cow pasture. Thanks for reminding me of this form.

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  3. I have such good memories of picking Queen Anne’s Lace to bring home after visiting family on farms. Now it’s not happening, but your beautiful poem brought it all back, Catherine. I love “a serve-yourself, all-day buffet” – yes!

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  4. I love Queen Anne’s lace, and I love your etheree! I’ll have to try one of those myself…
    Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

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  5. Queen Anne’s lace is forever entwined with memories of my grandmother. I suppose she named it for me long ago…. Your etheree is so cleverly constructed, leading us seamlessly from the Queen Anne’s lace to the cow parsley. Well done!

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  6. Catherine, your etheree has beautiful imagery, personification and alliteration! I especially love the lines “clusters of lacy white haloes.” A Queen Anne’s lace flower is art to me, too.

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