Poetry Friday: Poems of Presence

I’ve been writing Poems of Presence along with several other Poetry Friday pals over the past few weeks. These haven’t been quite as stressful as my April poetry project, and I’ve started to view finding a topic for each day’s poem as if it’s a scavenger hunt. I suppose that is what all idea generation is, really. As often happens with me, my ideas get ahead of my and I run out of time. Hence this late post with no new poem. Instead, two #PoemsofPresence from earlier this week.

Unaware of social distancing,
a bobcat strides past my kitchen window.
I gasp at his presence.
He gazes up, blinks,
then continues on his way.
I am still at the sink,
my heart racing in awe.

This isn’t this week’s bobcat, but this photo was taken from my kitchen window.

fallen petals
mingle with snowflakes.
It’s hard to tell where
winter ends
and spring begins.

© Catherine Flynn, 2020

Please be sure to visit Jama Rattigan at Jama’s Alphabet Soup for the Poetry Friday Roundup.

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Poems of Presence

  1. I’ve so enjoyed writing and keeping up with other writers on twitter. The bobcat poem sure was a wow! How did you react? Did it startle you? Or, were you calm? I never think of your area being rural enough for bobcat….but it must be! Great catch….the pic, the bobcat and the poem.

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    • How fortunate you are to see a bobcat out your window! How thrilling that must have been! Your poem perfectly captured your feelings. A joy to read! I love all wild and domestic cats. Your second poem is a joy to read, also and relatable to where I live! Spring is here to stay, now, or I hope it is. Thank you!

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  2. I’ve so enjoyed reading your poems on Twitter, Catherine. “Fallen petals” might be my top favorite I’ve read so far. I’m afraid I’m losing momentum writing them. It’s easy enough when I go out for a walk, but on the days I’m distracted with other things… maybe I should try your scavenger hunt approach. Don’t forget to post one or two faves on the padlet this month. 🙂 https://padlet.com/TodaysLittleDitty/PoemsOfPresence

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  3. I love both of these. The bobcat one is pretty scary, though. So close! I hope you are having more springy weather now. Thanks for being a presence in the poems of presence.

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