News From the Natural World: A Northwoods Lullaby

A Northwoods Lullaby

At night in the cabin loft,
I lie still as the wind
whispers through the pines
Now and then a loon cries
out from across the lake,
or an owl announces himself
from deep in the timber.

Beneath these night noises,
water laps at the rocky shore
slish slosh, slish slosh.
Their steady melody lulls
me to sleep.

The world will always serenade
those who take time to listen.

Draft, © 2020, Catherine Flynn

English: NPS Photo / Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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4 thoughts on “News From the Natural World: A Northwoods Lullaby

  1. “If we only take time to listen” – so right, Catherine. I wish everyone had the time & the way to get out into nature. I’ve read that many children here in our city have never been to the mountains though of course, they see them every day. Seems like we need the calm of nature more than every now.

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