Poetry Friday: The Comfort of Pie

Tomorrow is Pi day (3.14). We were going to celebrate at school today with a smorgasbord of pies. Instead, we are all home, hoping that closing our school will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We received word last night, before I made the chocolate cream pie my family loves. I was still too filled with worry and the stress of the week to bake last night. I may make it later this afternoon. After all, a piece of pie seems like a reasonable way to soothe the soul. 

We were also going to write Pi poems with the kids today, so I went ahead and wrote one that I hope I will be able to share with them soon. 

topped with dollops
whipped cream; nestled in
a crust of chocolaty crumbs. Divine.

From House of Nash Eats. Here’s their recipe: https://houseofnasheats.com/chocolate-cream-pie/.

Be well, my friends.

Please be sure to visit Matt Forrest Esenwine at Radio, Rhythm, and Rhyme for the Poetry Friday Roundup.

Here are other Pi day poems I’ve written over the last few years:


16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Comfort of Pie

  1. Catherine, your pie surely looks delicious and it would soothe my soul today. Your students will get to enjoy your poem soon but in the meantime take care. It is difficult to relax during all this tension. Our familiar haunts are closing and even a trip into NYC is not possible. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our literacy conference with Ralph Fletcher and Torrey Maldonado keynoting. Hopefully, the May date will not be canceled because of the virus scare.

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  2. My kind of pie, Catherine and a wonderful kind of message. I’m sorry you & the students will miss a wonderful pi day. We used to have so much fun that day, with lots of “sweet”. Best wishes to you all, too.

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  3. Oh, Catherine, I’m so sorry to hear that your school has closed. (We’re still open, though that situation could change at any time.) I’ve always had a soft spot for pi day since it’s my daughter’s birthday 🙂 I do hope you bake yourself a pie and find some comfort in it. Delicious poem!

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  4. Thanks for your pi poem… the wonders of pi never cease to amaze me. And yes, I also mean pie! Be well, rest well, eat pie! (Wash your hands!)

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  5. Your post prompted me to make homemade chocolate pudding yesterday. Comfort pudding. It was delicious. I’m sorry about your pie smorgasbord…that is pretty much my idea of heaven.

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  6. I forgot about Pi Day this year. Our schools have closed, too. I love your comforting chocolate pie. Wish you could send a virtual piece.

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  7. ohmygosh! I completely forgot about Pi Day! Thank goodness you remembered. I just shared this blog link on my library’s twitter page. Hopefully, some kids will remember to make pies and share some pics! I love….I adore….I salivate for chocolate cream pie. I might just have time to drive up and over?

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  8. Nom. I did the cheater’s Pi Day pie — apple crisp! Seemed like a good way to use up the wrinkly apples in the back of the fruit drawer in the fridge. Next up later this week — extra fudgy brownies! Comfort food for trying times. (plus lots of walks in nature to wear off those calories and calm myself with movement)

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  9. Enjoy your pie! It’s just what the doctor ordered in times like this! We were able to have our pi day celebrations at school on Friday – no cases of the virus here yet. Hope everything can get back to normal soon for you. Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

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