Welcome to the Poetry Friday Roundup!

“The writer should never be ashamed of staring.
There is nothing that does not require his attention.”
~ Flannery O’Connor ~

Welcome to the Poetry Friday Roundup! I’m so glad you stopped by.
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I had big plans for hosting today. Alas, I’ve been under the weather this week, doing a lot of staring. Birds, stars, the moon, you name it, I’ve stared at it. But nothing has come together. So I decided to roundup some haiku I shared on Twitter in December for #haikuforhope.

feathery snow angel
reminds me
birds were here first

the moon does not
discriminate; its beauty
is free for all

after the solstice
bluejays and chickadees feast
for a minute more

pen meets page
portal to another world
reveals itself

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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56 thoughts on “Welcome to the Poetry Friday Roundup!

  1. Nice haiku for the Solstice–a great day for the light sensitive among us. Second best is upcoming Martin Luther King holiday–by then, in Detroit, where I live, sunset moves back to 5:30 and the world is a MUCH better place.
    Alice Horning

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  2. Oh, drat! Sorry you are not feeling your best. I hope you’ve been under a blanket and getting lots of clear liquids and naps while staring. Nothing wrong with a bit of recovery time, Catherine! Your haiku is lovely as a small collection…like shells on a shore. Each is different but all gentle in the same way. Thank you for hosting. I hope you don’t worry about getting to all of the blogs in a hurry. Take your time and enjoy. Sending you healing thoughts.

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  3. Catherine, thank you for hosting and sharing your winter poetry with us. I like the thematic collection and especially enjoyed the last haiku. The world portal offers possibilities clustered around hope. Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon.

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  4. I agree… a writer absolutely needs to pay attention to everything! And it looks like you have been doing just that. I love the wing impression in the snow and accompanying haiku. Reminds me that I once saw one where an owl had been! Also, the pen being a portal to another world is so true… Best to you to feel 100% very soon. Thanks for hosting.

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  5. I’m glad you took O’Connor’s advice, Catherine, but not glad you’re feeling poorly. Hoping the next few days finds you much better! I remember your haiku, especially that one about the moon. I love poems about the moon & added it to my collection! Thanks for hosting!

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  6. So sorry to hear you are under the weather. thanks for hosting in spite of this, and for sharing such beautiful haiku. I think the ‘pen to page’ one spoke the most to me since I’ve managed to do so this week.

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  7. Staring is good! I do hope you are feeling better soon, Catherine – maybe you can rest your way through the long weekend? Thanks for hosting – even though you’re under the weather – and for sharing your haiku, perfect for winter ponderings. (I don’t have a real post this week, just a nod to the wonderful postcards arriving in my mailbox and a note that mine are going out today!) Take good care of yourself!! XO

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  8. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. I loved all of your haiku, but the Solstice one is a particular favorite. The turn at the end is all kinds of perfect. Feel better!

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  9. Usually when I am feeling bad enough to stare a lot, not much is going on in my head while I’m staring 🙂 Hope you are on the upswing now. Thanks for hosting! I particularly enjoyed your chickadee haiku.

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  10. So sorry you are feeling icky, Catherine! I hope the staring was at least calming and beautifying. Your #haikuforhope certainly beautified my December–I love your snow angel and moon particularly. Feel better, friend!

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