Poetry Friday: “In the Mid-Midwinter”

“In the Mid-Midwinter”
by Liz Lochhead

after John Donne’s ‘A Nocturnal on St Lucy’s Day’

At midday on the year’s midnight
into my mind came
I saw the new moon late yestreen
wi the auld moon in her airms

though, no,
there is no moon of course –
there’s nothing very much to speak of anything to speak of
in the sky except a gey dreich greyness
rain-laden over Glasgow and today
there is the very least of even this for us to get
the light comes back
the light always comes back

and this begins tomorrow with
however many minutes more of sun and serotonin.

Read the rest of the poem here.

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Wishing you all a holiday season filled with love and joy!

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “In the Mid-Midwinter”

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem, Catherine. It made me want to travel to Scotland and hear it read aloud. (Of course, I always want to travel to Scotland…) These lines were favorites:
    there will be the winter moon for us to love the longest,
    fat in the frosty sky among the sharpest stars,”
    and the optimism of “the light comes back/the light always comes back.”
    Here’s hoping!

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  2. I’d love to hear this poem read with a Scottish brogue. Amazing how a few words almost capture that in your mind. Am saying these lines over to convince myself: the light comes back
    the light always comes back
    Beautiful light in your photo.

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  3. I’m hopping on a plane to Scotland with Molly….your photo from this past week is the perfect illustration for this beautiful old poem. Thank you. Sweetness to you this season.

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  4. These lines will stay with me:
    the light comes back
    the light always comes back

    Wishing you a most wonderful holiday, Catherine – that new kitchen will certainly add to the pleasures of the season!

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  5. Hoo boy, Catherine, that is a brilliant find! I will now officially begin compiling a Winter Solstice anthology–this one puts the number I know and love up over the edge of BOOK. Thank you, and wishing you the brightest of sun and serotonin!

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