11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Golden Shovel

  1. What a wonderful quote from John Muir –perfect for a golden shovel! I really love the idea that we’re “hitched to everything else in the universe.” It’s both inspiring and daunting. Let’s hope we can return to good stewardship of our small, wonderful part of the universe. Thanks for a powerful reminder.

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  2. I just finished reading “The Overstory”, and then reading about the rollback of the water restrictions made me so upset. Your poem is beautifully heartfelt, Catherine. Yes, we are hitched to everything else, our duty to the earth. Thank you!

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  3. I am in awe of this quote and your poem. Both are so brilliant. In my research I am reading about the history of logging. I’m repeatedly confounded by how people can countenance their understanding and grief over what havoc they wreck upon the land, and yet continue to do it.

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  4. I love this poem as a toast, as a call to action, a response to Muir, a beautiful poem. This poem is full and rich. You’ve done well…’We must reject greed.” “find it in our hearts to be grateful.” “our duty…our well being…our everything.” Sigh. You’ve done well, Catherine.

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  5. Thanks for this powerful poem and Muir’s original quote that you built it from. I like this line especially,
    “rejecting greed, being thankful for the Earth itself
    Timely poem Catherine, especially with the next climate strike march upon us.

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