Poetry Friday: The Alchemy of Springtime

The Alchemy of Spring

fallow fields
are bedecked
in emerald cloaks.

Stirring trees
burst into bloom,
adorned with
sparkling rubies.

In a sunbeam,
masses of forsythia
into fountains of gold.

© Catherine Flynn, 2019

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16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Alchemy of Springtime

  1. The rhythm of this poem is as regal as the words. Mark brought a fountain inside….a gold fountain in a vase. The cloaks are here in Western New York (how I love that word), and the outdoor blooms and fountains are on their way. Now, when they arrive, I will see them through your poem. Thank you. xx

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  2. We are so late, perhaps because of the two snows? I can’t wait to see some of those ‘fountains of gold’, Catherine. Love the title of your poem, too!

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