National Poetry Month: A Star-Splashed Fib

Many people have wonderful poetry projects planned for this month. I’m following Heidi Mordhorst‘s lead and will join in when I can as prompts strike my fancy or match up with my life.

In this case, Mary Lee Hahn‘s “Playing With Poetry” was the springboard. One of Mary Lee’s options for poetry playfulness was paint chip poetry. Thanks to our recent renovation project, I have paint chips everywhere. We chose “Milky Way,” a luscious shade of yellow for the guest room. (This color also makes me very happy, so I could add Irene’s project to the list of inspirations.)

I’d been toying with how to structure a Milky Way poem without much luck. Then, on Monday morning, the moon was a thin crescent, hanging on the edge of dawn. The arc of the moon got me thinking of spirals, which led me to Fibonacci sequences, which led to this poem.

System spins
At galaxy’s edge
The Milky Way’s spiral arms
Twirl like a ballerina’s silver-sequined tutu

© Catherine Flynn, 2019

3 thoughts on “National Poetry Month: A Star-Splashed Fib

  1. “Silver sequined tutu” is a wonderful image for the Milky Way. I’m glad you joined in. I am really enjoying this month of poetry. It feels more relaxed than March SOLC.

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  2. Yes, yes, yes–a perfect spiraling fib! Although I find myself confused about yellow as a Milky Way color…
    But actually, Catherine, here’s what I like best here: “on Monday morning, the moon was a thin crescent, hanging on the edge of dawn.” That’s a poem right there, friend.
    I’m glad my UnPlanning project has inspired you!


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