Slice of Life 19: 13 Ways to Eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie

13 Ways to Eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie

When my poetry pal and fellow Slicer Molly Hogan posted a poetry prompt to write about “Cookies!!! Christmas cookies, sugar cookies or any sort of cookie,” I had to think for a bit. Like many of you, my family has many cookie traditions to choose from. In the end, I decided to stick with the cookie that’s been part of my memories forever, chocolate chip.

Once I settled on the kind of cookie, I had to come up with a form. I like to play with poems I’m working on in my head as I drive to work. This isn’t always a good idea because I have to actually pay attention to the other cars on the road! But, as sometimes happens, inspiration struck. Wallace Stevens “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” popped into my head. There must be at least 13 ways to look at a chocolate chip cookie. Or, even better, of eating a chocolate chip cookie. So here you have it, my “13 Ways to Eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie.”


Sugar dissolves on your tongue
Sweetness fills your mouth
The chocolate chips still crunch.


Eleven minutes of heat transform
Lumps of dough into a golden brown,
Gooey confection.

With a glass of cold milk

Break the cookie in half
Dunk one end into the milk,
The longer it’s submerged, the softer will be.

At Nana’s House

There is always a tray of my favorite treat
Waiting on the table by the kitchen door.
Nana serves me two cookies on a red and white plate.

In small pieces

Break the cookie into small bits around the chip.
Nibble slowly. The sweetness of the softened
Morsel explodes like a ripe blueberry.

With Breakfast

Instead of pancakes
Both have eggs and flour
Sometimes people add chocolate chips to pancakes.


Let them cool completely
They will crunch when you bite down
And leave crumbs at the corner of your mouth.

After school

When I get home, I’m so hungry
Lunch was hours ago
Cookies ease my hunger pangs.

In two bites

This way your entire mouth
Can savor the flavor
But they’re gone faster.


If you put a slice of bread
In the tin
Your cookies will become soft and chewy.

After sledding

While my cheeks are still cold
Cookies and hot cocoa
Warm me up in no time.

Before bed

A single cookie
Helps me forget my cares
And sweetens my dreams.


Because chocolate chip cookies
make everything better and
Are the most delicious cookie ever!

* I know all about salmonella concerns, but some habits die hard

Draft © Catherine Flynn, 2019

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15 thoughts on “Slice of Life 19: 13 Ways to Eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. What a great format for this response! I love the rationalization in “With Breakfast” and the detail of those stray cookie crumbs around the mouth in “Crispy.” Once again, you’ve managed to efficiently combine posts. Kudos to you! Oh…and after writing this, did you feel compelled to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies?


  2. Fun way to approach cookie eating. There is no wrong way to eat a chocolate chip cookie. I still eat raw cookie dough, too.


  3. When I saw this on Facebook and the wacky formatting of that platform, I hoped you would put it here. I love this structure and how we use every excuse to eat a cookie.


  4. We’re getting ready to help my nephew make chocolate chip cookies. He chose this as his high school Spanish assignment. We’re going to help video him making the cookies while speaking Spanish. We’ve been making cookies with him since he was born.

    I also love your rationalization. I personally like to freeze them, so I’m not tempted to eat them. I quickly learned that they’re still delicious frozen at 2:00 a.m. with an ice cold glass of milk.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I really love any kind of cookie, but my absolute favorite is my mom’s gingerbread cookies. Perhaps I will write about the ways to eat them and the way they’re connected to my holiday memories. More stories about cookies, I say!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a delightful poem! As a certified cookie monster, I must look at Molly’s poetry prompt. Raw (I confess that I still eat raw cookie dough too.), Warm, and Before Bed were my favorites.


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