Slice of Life: What Did You Fall In Love With Today?

One of my favorite podcasts is Krista Tippett’s On Being. Recently, artist Maira Kalman was Krista’s guest. During their wide-ranging conversation, Kalman explained that “The subject of my work is the normal, daily things that people fall in love with.” Krista then asked “Have you fallen in love with something today?” Kalman had quite a list of items she’d fallen in love with that day. It was quite an uplifting, illuminating moment. It also got me thinking. What have I fallen in love with lately?

We have been renovating and adding on to our house for more than a year. It’s exhausting living in a construction zone, but I’m well aware of the first-world status of this problem and try not to complain. Now the end is in sight. So I went furniture shopping. I had an idea for what I wanted, but I also had an open mind. I found a lovely chair covered in soft, deep blue upholstery with a jacquard floral pattern. You sink into it. There is room to curl up. I fell in love with it the minute I sat down.

I also fell in love with a small flock of robins was darting and diving in and out of the trees that surround our school’s parking lot. They seemed to be dancing in pure joy.

A little later, I fell in love again with the color of the sky at dusk. The horizon was the deep pink of  flamingo feathers and gradually lightened to the shade of cotton candy. Who would not fall in love with such sights, which Natalie Babbitt calls “those commonplace marvels” which the world “spreads so carelessly before us everyday?”

What did you fall in love with today?

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11 thoughts on “Slice of Life: What Did You Fall In Love With Today?

  1. Commonplace marvels! I fell in love with my two year old grandson who giggled over and over about the line “rows upon rows of tiny noses.” from Irene Latham’s poem “Corn.”


  2. This is a great question. I remember a Billy Collins poem about falling in love with ordinary things. I’ll save this idea for another slice. You are at the fun part of renovation, buying new furniture.


  3. Catherine, I fell in love with your loves and the way you described them. I congratulate you on the fortitude you have exhibited during the construction process. Now to finish my strong women post for Poetry Friday.


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