Poetry Friday: Robins



As I left school one afternoon last week, snow had just started falling and an icy wind was picking up. Suddenly, six or seven robins flew across the parking lot, landing in a tree at the edge of the playground. The sight filled me with hope that spring will be here soon.  Here is a poem those robins inspired.

plump and ruffled
against the snow,
a maple tree
bursts into bloom.

© Catherine Flynn, 2019

Valerie Worth’s poem, “Robins,” also expresses the delight of the return of these harbingers of spring.

Look how
Last year’s
Leaves, faded
So gray
And brown,

Like flimsy

Beak over
The wind.

But no,
They right

And turn
To the
Stout slate
And ruddy

Of robins,
On steady
Stems across
The ground.


Photo by Jedidiah Church on Unsplash

Don’t forget that next Friday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. I’ll be hosting the Roundup that day and would love it if people help to celebrate the day by sharing poems that honor women. You can read more here.  Please be sure to visit Linda at Teacher Dance for the Poetry Friday Roundup.

10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Robins

  1. Good Morning, Catherine! I thought I’d be gone this morning…and then….SNOW DAY! I too have been noticing the difference in the air with the return of the sound of robins. They are such plain little birds but so important in the rythm of life for me…us. I do love how your returning robins see a maple tree burst into bloom.

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  2. No robins here, yet! I am watching for them. Love “a maple tree/bursts into bloom.” Catherine. You are lucky to have this sighting! Yes, I remember about your post next week, am on the search! Happy March!

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  3. Two companion poems, perfectly matched! And we had our own robin experience yesterday: hundreds flocking and bathing in the frigid puddles of our nearby playground field. I’d never seen so many before. I was too cold to find it hopeful at the moment, but thanks to your poems, I do now! I’m in for a women’s poetry party next week and I hope you’ll join me on March 15, both at mjlu with a climate poem or post and maybe in Hartford!

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  4. I’m ready for that “maple tree ” to bloom. I was reading about how the birds fluff out their feathers to keep warm, your poem depicts this well. Looking forward to celebrating women next week, thanks!

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  5. Robins remind me of my childhood in Mississippi. They are a rare site here. I think they like the colder temps. I love your ruffled and plump robins and the maple bursting. The Valerie Worth poem is a nice mentor text.

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