Poetry Friday: A Glory of Goldfinches

Like particles of light,
a glory of goldfinches rise
from goldenrod and thistle.

Chittering and chirping,
they gather
in a luminous cloud,
swooping and pulsing
through the morning air.

Unaware of their grace
they settle
across the meadow
to feast on sunshine.

© Catherine Flynn, 2018

Please be sure to visit oh-so talented Robyn Hood Black at Life on the Deckle Edge for the Poetry Friday Roundup!

10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Glory of Goldfinches

  1. A luminous cloud of goldfinches—how beautiful. When I was running the other day, I startled a group of them and they rose into the air like sunbeams. You’ve captured such a lovely moment with your poem. I especially like the verbs and images in your second stanza.

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