Poetry Friday: Happy Birthday, Lee Bennett Hopkins!


Today, the KidLitosphere is celebrating poet and anthologist extraordinaire Lee Bennett Hopkins‘s 80th birthday. Although I’ve never met Lee, he has been a guiding light to me for years. Pass the Poetry, Please was one of the first professional books I purchased when I began teaching, and the poetry section of my classroom library is filled with anthologies Lee has edited over the years. More recently, Lee’s wise words have helped me write and polish my own poetry.

It was impossible for me to choose one favorite Hopkins book or poem to share today, so I created a found poem using the titles of some of Lee’s books.

To Lee Bennett Hopkins, on his birthday:

Pass the Poetry, Please!

Good Rhymes! Good Times!
Days to Celebrate:
Hanukkah Lights,
Christmas Presents,
Halloween Howls,
Morning, Noon, and Nighttime, Too!

Wonderful Words:
Hand in Hand
Jumping Off the Library Shelves

I Am the Book
Blast Off!
The Sky is Full of Song,
Full Moon and Star

Sky Magic
Sharing the Seasons
On the Farm
A Dog’s Life,
A Pet For Me

My America
Home to Me
Amazing Places
City I Love

World Make Way
Time to Shout:
Happy Birthday!

Please be sure to visit Robyn Hood Black at Life of the Deckle Edge for a special Poetry Friday Roundup of birthday wishes for Lee Bennett Hopkins!

18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Happy Birthday, Lee Bennett Hopkins!

  1. I used book titles to make a poem too. Interesting to see how we poetry friends think alike. I wrote mine this morning! I like seeing how you began your poem the way I ended mine. Here’s my favorite stanza from your poem:
    “Wonderful Words:
    Hand in Hand
    Jumping Off the Library Shelves”
    Great poem, Catherine!

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  2. And I too used Lee’s titles to create my poem for him, but I don’t think he’ll mind this over-the-top celebration. The titles seem to enjoy being together!

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  3. Rich postings here Catherine! I love your found book poem–so many wonderful titles in there. The “Good Rhymes Good Times” reading by Lee was a treat–I loved his expressions while reciting it, thanks for all here!

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