SOL 18: The MEET MY FAMILY Blog Tour is Here!


“Every family’s different–each family is just right!”
Laura Purdie Salas

Welcome to the latest stop on the Blog Tour for Laura Purdie Salas’s beautiful new book, Meet My Family: Animal Babies and Their Families (Millbrook Press, 2018). When I first read Laura’s heartfelt words and saw Stephanie Fizer Coleman‘s lively illustrations, I knew this book was a perfect mentor text for student writing.

© Laura Purdie Salas and Stephanie Fizer Coleman, 2018

Laura was inspired to write Meet My Family by feelings she had about her own family growing up. In her interview with Kirby Larson (the link is listed below), Laura says that “my family felt very different from other families.” She hopes “this book might erase some of the shame so many kids feel about their families.”

One of my colleagues is the most amazing Kindergarten teacher on the planet, and she welcomed me into her classroom to share Laura’s book with her students and work on this writing project with them. After reading Meet My Family to the children, we talked about all the different kinds of animal families in the book. Then we talked about all the ways our own families are different. After brainstorming together, the kids wrote a sentence about their own family.

The next day, we reread the book, this time looking closely at the subtext on each page. Again, using Laura’s text as a mentor, the students added details to their writing about their family. Some chose to write about activities they do together, others wrote about favorite foods. Everyone gained an appreciation for all the different kinds of families we have!

Illustrations are a very big deal for Kindergarteners, and they couldn’t wait to start drawing their families. We even used the cover layout as a model for the cover of the book we created.

Here is their work:

I live with my mom and dad in my house. We love to babysit my baby cousin.
by R.

I am the only child. And sometimes I go out to walk with my family.
by R.

I have three sisters. I watch TV with my sisters.
by S.

I moved across the country. Sometimes we go on hikes!
by J.

I live with my family. We go to Five Guys for burgers.
by L.

I am the smallest in my family! My family likes to bike together! I like my family!
by K.

I am the youngest in my family. I went with my family in the forest. We had fun.
by A.

I live with my brothers and my baby sister. My family likes to go to the beach.
by I.

I live with my mimi and poppy. We like to go out to dinner.
by Z.

I have one sister. After school we go to gymnastics. It is tiring and it is fun.
by B.

I live with my mom and my brothers. We play Manhunt outside. I am fast.
by L.

My brother is eight and I am five. My baby sister is two. I live with my Nana and my PopPop, my puppy and cats.
by E.

I live with my mommy and dad and my baby sister, too. After school I help mom and dad make chicken for dinner.
by L.

These Kindergarten students are very proud to share their work today, and are already busy planning their next writing project. Thank you, Laura, for writing this informative, inspiring book!

Thanks to Laura’s generosity, one lucky reader will win a copy of Meet My Family! Just leave a comment before midnight, Thursday, March 22nd, to be entered in the drawing.

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A Classroom Guide is available to download here.

Thank you to StaceyBetsyBeth, KathleenDeb, Melanie, and Lanny for creating this community and providing this space for teachers and others to share their stories every day in March and each Tuesday throughout the year. Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers to read more Slice of Life posts.

20 thoughts on “SOL 18: The MEET MY FAMILY Blog Tour is Here!

    • Thanks for reading, Lee Ann! I use mentor texts for my OWN writing, and it’s always a great feeling to see what happens when teachers use a book of mine as a mentor text with their students. These kindergartners are awesome:>)

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  1. Oh, Catherine! I love this! Thank you, kindergartners, for sharing your writing and art and your families! Do you know what amazed me the most as I read your work? I had something in common with all of you. Sometimes, it was a similarity to my own family when I was a child (I have three sisters, I lived with my mom and dad, my family went to the beach and on walks and also hiking in the forest a lot, we had dogs and cats, we played Midnight Ghost outside, two sisters did gymnastics and I often went with them and practiced too, we rode bikes and lived in a house). And sometimes, it was something that I did with my own kids (Five Guys!, going out to dinner, watching TV, fixing dinner together). Even though we don’t know each other, and there are differences between our families, there are things that are the same, too. We are ALL family! And I LOVE your book! Thank you, Catherine, for embracing this book and sharing it with a kindergarten class!

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  2. What a terrific job those kindergarten writers did! I love the way you used Laura’s book, Catherine, and especially that you went back for a second read and a second write–that’s a great way to encourage young (and old!) writers to dig deeper.

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  3. What a great writing activity for those little ones! I have a copy, but if I win, I want to send it to my favorite kindergarten teacher.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We hosted the author at Camp Read A Lot in Granite Falls, MN two years ago and she was an amazing speaker! I can’t wait to see this new book and get a few copies for my library!

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  5. Picked up this book at the library this week and shared it with my first graders! It is perfect for discussing animal parents and their babies! Also loved sharing different languages with my students as well…esp since I have students from many different countries this year!

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